September 30, 2005

Arab Slavers, British slaves

Melanie Phillips gives a short review of 'White Gold' by Giles Milton a book about the a way that (white) British people where kidnapped into salvery by Muslim Corsairs. Britian had also been a target for Vikings and Irish on similar missions, as I'm sure british people raided others likewise. At that time slavery was very common and practiced in most civilisations, only being exterminated by the actions of the Royal Navy and British Empire in the 1800's. But if you look at the places where slavery is still practiced they tend to be, well, Muslim. This dispite the fact that for the time of it's writing Sharia tended to be rather liberal on slavery (like many other matters) only allowing slaves that where prisoners form Jihad and freeing them the instant they converted. But the world has moved on, shame that Islamism cannot.


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